Film Freeway Introduction

We want to support the best narrative and factual films out there including both short and feature films. We look for strong, compelling stories with high production values and exciting cinematography to showcase at the festival.

We started our own family run business in 2009, having been part of independent film production and distribution for many years prior to that, currently with over 40 films in the market. We have helped set up five other film festivals as well as running three of our own international film festivals. What started as our passion has become our life’s work.

Along with the giving you the chance to watch other innovative, thought provoking and entertaining films at the festival we also host educational programmes such as ‘Pitch and Toss’, script consultation, and talks with special guests from various areas of the industry. This allows us to share with members and visitors the skills, joys and pitfalls in bringing your vision to the silver screen. We also give budding producers and directors the chance to get some funding towards their next film.

If you have taken a full VIP package you will be able to enjoy dinner and entertainment at our specially selected venues every evening, which many previous visitors have pointed to as a highlight of the event. These include a socialising dinner on the first night of the festival as well as the Awards Night. Plus, during the day you can enjoy the city or watch as many films and talks as you wish for free.

We can’t wait to see you at our festival and look forward to chatting about your film and future projects. And if you’re just here to enjoy the films we look forward to a sit down discussion about them and aspects you loved, or would have done differently, and to find out your choice for film of the festival.

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Formal Letter of Invitation

Dear Film Maker,

This letter is on behalf of the Portsmouth International Film Festival to extend an invitation for the film maker to take part in our event which will be held 22nd to 25th September 2016. They are invited to screenings and evening events that will take place in locations including, but not limited to, University of Portsmouth campus and the Guildhall Square.

There will also be talks and workshops that will be used by guests as promotional opportunities plus the Awards ceremony at the close of the festival.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you,


Portsmouth International Film Festival

Letter of Invitation

Dear  Film Maker,

It is my great pleasure on behalf of the Portsmouth International Film Festival to invite you to participate in our event. We are excited for you to join us and would like to confirm your presence at the festival, which takes place 22nd to 25th September 2016, with screenings and evening events being held on the University of Portsmouth campus and in the Guildhall Square, among others.

We hope that you will attend the talks and workshops available to all guests and of course the Awards night, which is a particular highlight of the festival.

We hope to see you then,

Yours faithfully,

Portsmouth International Film Festival

Exeter International Film Festival About Page


We are a family run business with independent film making and distribution experience dating back to 2009 including managing several other International Film Festivals such as the Southampton and Portsmouth IFF. This makes us a great choice for any film festival attendee as we understand the process you have been going through from beginning to end.

Exeter International Film Festival


Welcome to the First Annual Exeter International Film Festival. We would like to invite you to be a part of the newest event from the directors of the Southampton and Portsmouth International Film Festivals. We are excited to see what fantastic films are entered for the enjoyment of all.

As well as giving you a chance to meet other film makers in a fun and friendly environment to discuss the highs and lows of bringing your vision to the silver screen we are proud to host educational programmes, “Pitch & Toss”, and talks from other industry professionals.

Every year we also hold VIP events such as a first night dinner, one off specials every night and of course, an Awards Night.

We want to provide you with what even the biggest film makers experience, seeing their art flourish. You’ve did the hardest part when you made your film now let us help your art reach the rest of the world.